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General information

The association « Les Petites Bouilles » is a child care facility for children of pre-school age (0-4 years old). The organisation welcomes children of parents living in Hésingue (in priority) or neighbouring villages (for the remaining places) for regular or ocasional needs. “Les Petites Bouilles” is located in the center of Hésingue, close from the town hall, nursery and primary school and shops. The structure is thus an important contribution to the social life of Hésingue, a great place for parents to communicate and exchange.

“Les Petites Bouilles” is a place of enlightenment and socialization where children can experience their first experience of life in community. The organisation accommodates young children from 10 weeks to 4 years of age on a regular or occasional basis, including those with special needs or a chronic illness compatible with life in a group.

Address & Opening Hours
Multi-Accueil « Les Petites Bouilles »
26, rue du General de Gaulle
68820 Hésingue
Tel. 03 89 89 83 20
Fax. 03 89 89 83 21
The structure is open from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) :
– from 7:30 to 18:30 for children welcome for the whole day
– from 7:30 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:30 for children welcome on a half-day basis.

Based on legal authorizations, the organisation can welcome up to 25 children.

Welcome Options
It concerns the children of 10 weeks unless 4 years (before the entrance to nursery school).

“ Regular ”
The child is welcome according to a schedule defined with the parents and the available funds of the structure (from 2 hours till 50 hours a week).
This welcome is formalized by a contract between the parents and the structure.

“ Occasional ”
This mode of punctual welcome allows the parents to release itself to attend to their activities and allows the child an approach of the life in community.

The financial participation of the parents is calculated according to the tables of the CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales) and in view of the income of the parents.